N8DOD Northeast Ohio Low Profile

Tri-Band Repeater System

Located in Downtown Warren, Ohio


146.835 Repeater PL 131.8


General Electric Master II

60 watts from the Duplexer

Antenna Comet GP-9 at 70 ft.



224.160 Repeater  PL  131.8



The repeater is a ACS 6000 ( Kendercom )

The  MCS PA-100 Amp is running thru the Wacom Duplexers

66 watts from the duplexers to LMR- 400 feedline

The antenna is a Hustler G7-220  at 65 ft.




Arcom RC-210 Controller

with full time dedicated computer for Software Programing

also controlling

A Kenwood TM-G707 Frequency Agile Remote Base 

1/2 hardline into a Comet GP-9  at at 60ft.






  443.725 Repeater   PL  131.8



 Kenwood TS-850 Repeater


  Philps Dodge Celwave 526-4 6 Cavity Duplexers

Antenna is a Comet GP-9 at 70 Ft

with LMR- 400


Arcom RC-210 Controller Also with Kenwood TM-G707 Remote Base 







HF Antennas

3 el SteppIR , 20 - 40- 80 meter Coaxial Dipoles





Latest Mobile Install





One of my earlier shacks








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